Welcome to our first Central Park/City Centre drone flight of 2023! It has been a while since our last update and you can see the new trail on the west side of the big lake as well as enormous progress on The Link, The Astro and the City's second parking garage. Lots of work to be done, but crews are really working hard through the winter!
Here is the latest update from the skies above La Vista Central Park and La Vista City Centre. In this update you can see substantial progress on public projects such as The Link and public parking garage #2 and private projects such as The Astro music venue. Enjoy!
Welcome to the latest drone flight over La Vista Central Park and City Centre. This video shows an updated look at the progress on both The Astro Theater and The Link. Enjoy!
Welcome to the latest drone flight over La Vista Central Park and City Centre! In this video you can see an amazing amount of progress on The Astro Theater as well as the beginning outline of The Link and more work on Parking Garage #2.
Here is the latest drone flight from the skies above La Vista City Centre. In this update you can see work progressing on Parking Garage #2, The Astro music venue and The Link.
From the skies above La Vista City Centre, here is the latest footage of construction activity. In this video we can see the giant crane helping raise steel for The Astro music venue as well as grading work for the City's public parking garage #2 on the old Chili's site.
This is footage from a drone flight above La Vista Central Park and City Centre on January 13, 2022. In this flight you can see progress on the construction of The Astro music venue, specifically footings that have been poured for the building. We also got a closer look at the dome on the building in the middle of the development, which we refer to as Building 10.
Here is footage from our drone flight on November 30, 2021 over the La Vista City Centre project.
The City has launched a series of videos containing information and updates related to various projects underway or soon to take place in Central Park. Learn more about the trails, Central Park projects, the 84th Street underpass, plans for the Kelly Fields area, the swimming pool and much more. Please watch each video on our website at CityofLaVista.org/CloserLook and then we want to hear from you!
Our latest drone flight highlights the major construction activities for The Astro Theater, which is a 2,500-person, 52,000-square foot indoor theater that will connect to an outdoor grass amphitheater. And the trees in Central Park are starting to turn from green to lovely shades of yellow, orange and red as fall is upon us!