84th Street Community Engagement

Public feedback has been a hallmark of Vision 84 and now Corridor 84. From the original visioning process to the current Streetscape Project, the community has been involved in many aspects of project planning!

Vision 84

Beginning in 2009 and going into 2010, Vision 84 included multiple opportunities for public input, including community workshops and walking tours. The full list of outreach tools utilized for this process includes:

  • Project website
  • Targeted outreach meetings
  • Educational forums
  • Newsletter updates
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Community Survey
  • Public Walking Tours on two consecutive days
  • Community Workshops

Civic Center Master Plan

Beginning in late 2011 and continuing into early 2012, the Civic Center Park Master Plan process sought input from the community on what to include in this signature park. Public input opportunities included community meetings and online forums. The full list of outreach tools utilized for this process includes:

  • Project website
  • Online engagement platform with an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions
  • Two community meetings
  • Postcards direct mailed to every house bordering the park
  • Banners about community meetings at all major intersections
  • Community meetings promoted in weekly newsletter and via fliers at all City facilities
  • Press releases issued for each community meeting

Streetscape Project

Beginning in the fall of 2017 and continuing through 2018, the Streetscape Project has been the first public process under the Corridor 84 name, representing a transition from visioning to implementation of the vision.

  • Project website
  • Mentioned in the Fall 2017 quarterly newsletter
  • Public walking tour in October 2017
  • Article in the Winter 2018 quarterly newsletter
  • 5 Things You Should Know video
  • Three public meetings
  • Community survey following the first and second public meeting

La Vista Park Views

In Fall 2020, the City sought input from the public on planning for the future of La Vista’s parks, including Central Park and green spaces in City Centre. Learn more about this effort. The full list of outreach tools utilized for this process includes:

  • In-person idea brewing sessions
  • Inclusion in other programming, including storytimes, Fit Fridays, yoga and more

A Closer Look at Central Park

The City also launched “A Closer Look at Central Park” which is a series of videos containing information and updates related to various projects underway or soon to take place in Central Park. More information is at CityofLaVista.org/CloserLook.